Utah AAU Football has Arrived.

The much anticipated time has come.  With the official organization of the Utah AAU Youth Football League (UAYFL), the best of the best in each age group will now compete for division titles, and the coveted State Championship.  AAU State football champion teams will even compete Nationally.

The UAYFL is not a city-rec league.  It is the premier, the Ultimate "A" League.  It is the only A league featuring the top football players and coaching in the state at each grade level, 5th, 6th, and 7th.  Game rules will follow the Utah High School Football rules and guidelines. It is intended so that high school head coaches can spotlight the up and coming talent in one premier league. 

Highlights Include:

-Every player is INSURED by AAU

-Play on top quality high school fields ONLY

-Follow Utah High School's footprint for teams

-Play against the best, the baddest, and toughest competition in Utah giving each player the best experience possible

-No weight limits--the biggest kid can run the ball!

-Own your equipment, be ready to play in Spring, in camps, and in interstate tournaments against Texas, California, and Colorado's best

-Receive the best Coaching

-Games will be Officiated by Utah's best Referees

-All teams make the State playoffs, One True STATE CHAMPION at each age level

-Play for National Championship

-Coach's awards, player honors and league banquet

               ******A NOTE TO POTENTIAL COACHES******

2017 is the Inaugural year for the UAYFL.  The word is spreading quickly among all of you connected in city youth football.  If you coach an A team for your city, we want to meet with you.  HOWEVER, many excellent coaches are not "in" on the city league's politics.  That's okay.  Bring your expertise, your vision, and philosophy. Coaches are being interviewed now and the slots for each age group are now being filled.  You are invited to contact Brandy Caldwell at 801-234-0560 or brandy@uayfl.com to schedule a Coach interview with Coaching Coodinator, Jimmy Eaton.


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